Des. Moines, IA


Here is our most FAQ

If you dont see your question answered here, just contact us!

Do you offer a Military, Veterans, EMS, Law Enforcement, First responder discount?

Yes we do, we offer a 15% discount!

Is there a delivery fee?

We offer free set up and tear down. We offer free delivery for the first 30 mile radius of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids after that its a $1 per mile. 

Is there a deposit fee?

Yes every rental order requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.

Is there a time limit for my rental?

No our rentals are for ALL DAY. 

When will my rental be dropped off/picked up?

Drop offs are made around 10 am and pick ups around 8 pm.

Can I request a drop off/pick up time?

Yes you can, our deliveries/pick ups are made within 1 hour before OR 1 hour after your requested time.

How do I make a reservation?

Check out our book now page and select what you want or give us a call

How do the water slides operate?

They work like a sprinkler system, the water comes out at the top of the slide and pools up at the bottom.

Do you supply water for the water units?

No, unfortunately we dont have the logistics to haul water.

Do you provide the hoses for the water units?

We supply the hose that is attached to the unit, however you must provide water and hose from slide hose connection, as well as access to water spigot/faucet.

Do you provide the electricity?

No, however you can rent a generator

Do you provide the electrical cords?

We provide power cords up to 100ft, however you have to provide us with the outlet or rent a generator.

How much space do I need for my rental?

We have a variety of sizes, you will have to check the size for the unit your interested in and add a 5 ft clearance.

Do you offer a Military, Veterans, EMS, Law Enforcement, First responder discount?

Yes we do, we offer a 15% discount!

Can I setup inside?

Yes as long as there is enough space for requested unit.

Are there any age requirements for the units?

Yes we have the age requirements listed with each unit

How many are allowed at one time on the units?

We have listed the allowed amount at one time with each unit. We also recommend NOT mixing ages/sizes of children.

What happens if the weather is bad the day of my event?

We will reach out to you, or you can reach out to us about rescheduling your rental date.

Do the units blow away like seen on social media?

No, safety is our #1 priority. We follow all the rules for the state of Iowa. We have Stakes, sandbags and we watch the weather for the day of your event. In the event the weather gets bad during your rental you are to get off the unit and shut it down immediatly.

Are you closed in the winter?

Yes for outdoor rentals, however if you have an event or want to jump on inflates then come to our indoor location Kids Zone at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa